Getting Better, Day by Day!

Did bodybuilding for several years, had significant kidney issues due to serious infection that took away my ability 6 weeks out from competing at Team Universe. Took 4 years to get back on stage. Won national competition in Minnesota and decided there’s more to life than bodybuilding. I had a family to raise and didn’t want to have to risk having to go on dialysis. Switched over to powerlifting with the encouragement of my now fiance, that was 2015. Won my weight class and got invited to Relentless, by the head bench judge. It’s a charity event for kids with life-threatening illness. This has now become my passion! Working on overcoming a bicep tendon rupture and almost complete finger amputation, both on the right side. Life is full of obstacles and when ever you think you are close to hitting that goal another challenge comes along to remind you of what you want to become. It’s very humbling working through an injury, but you learn who you are! Come back is always bigger than the set back! God is good!


Happy to hear you are on the mend! Look forward to seeing more posts.
Is this the beginning of a training log?

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I have not decided yet. I write everything down while I’m training and not sure I will go the extra step and do it twice.

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This is a cool event, and raises a lot more money than I would have thought. The gym I go to is involved with it. Two of the former owners are really involved (one along with his wife are the meet directors for MN).

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I did Relentless MN! Was it Nutter and his wife. He’s the one who invited me. Great people.

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Yeah, Scott was part owner of my gym about a decade ago. Do you know Mike Hamilton? He was also a part owner with Scott, and pretty involved with Relentless. Mike was also my youth pastor growing up.

Yep! Know them all! All excellent men!

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Yes, he works closer with Hope kids, that’s the organization we raise money for. Another great guy.

Bench session
Sling shot not used in long time
Pec deck flyers
SS with tri’s z-bar push down
Over head tri’s paramount seated
SS with AB crunches #100 4x15
Tri’s reverse grip push down
SS with cable single side crunch #45 4x15
SS with leg raises on bench 4x15