German Body Comp Sample Workouts


I have just started on the German Body Comp Program and just as TC predicted its a real brainer to come up with some more workouts than the three provided in the original article. At least I came up with one more:

Workout 4:
Front Squat 3x15 temp 202
High Row 3x10 212

Romanian DL 3x10 301
Incline Barbell Press 3x10 201

Smith Standing Calf Raise 3x12 101
DB Standing Triceps Extensions 3x8 201

EZ-Bar Preacher Curl 3x10 201
Incline Hip Raise 3x8 201

Please feel free to criticise and share one of your programs…



Marutenho, I wouldn’t go so high with the reps in the front squat, as the muscles in your upper back (rhomboids) will likely give out long before your legs will - not a great scenario really! Poliquin says to keep reps in the front squat under 6. Try another exercise instead, like heels-elevated squats. Jonathan

I had a woodworking teacher whos name was Mr. Mills he was a lil skinny guy. His sons were huge though i never understood how though . dont know why i tell u this maybe ur last name gots something to do with it. lol

Thanks for the tip. I will reduce the reps down to ten or less (which I have also seen recommended here) and see how it works. I am not a fan of elevated heels, because it places too much stress on the knees for me.

Any other takers for a self designed program?