General question... very

Hi guys, i am new to this forum. I have a few problems and need help.

I’m 5’6 142 with some flab to lose. My waist can be pinched (you know what that means) and my 4 packs is not visible until i lightly suck my gut in. Well, i consider myself skinny. My biceps is 13.625 and chest is about 39-40"

I am not sure which program to use. The get big diet to bulk up or lose fat first. I notice that most of the fat loss program use supplements. Are there any effective ones that do not use supplements? Well, currently i only use basic ones like: glutamine, whey, flax/udo’s oil.
The GET BIG DIET sounds good from T-mag though. Has anyone tried it? What about the fat loss program?

Now, about my workouts. I am also confused which ones to choose. I purchased Ian’s book Get Buffed and should receive it this week. I am sure he has some programs in it. He also has some programs that emphasize only on certain body parts like chest/back or the great guns.

I would prefer like the overall development. So, i am confused which to follow. If you guys recommend me the 12 weeks chest/back program, what about my arms and legs? Ian also has great guns and limping program too. But how do i incorporate my workout in a week?

I workout 5 days a week (Monday,Friday,Sat,Sunday at home and Wednesday at the gym). I have bench, dumbells, barbells, a Bowflex and a wide grip chin up.

So, which is to choose? The program from the book or these ones on the web?
While you’re on the program, which nutrition program should you be on (it’s not explained) and how many cardio per week should you be doing?

Thanks for the response.

You still train all your muscle groups on Ian’s specialization programs. Like for his arm program you train arms twice per week. The other days you train legs, chest, etc. on a maintenance basis. Other questions: Ditch the Bowflex, eat to gain muscle first- diet later, you don’t have to use supplements with any diet (expect maybe the Fat Fast since it’s so extreme) but they help.

Thank’s for the reply!

So, i’ll just start the big diet a week from now (Feb 19). I just hate my abs. Looks so bad and feels bad. Thank’s for the input.
About the workout program, which one should i follow?
Is there any difference with his book get buffed at all?

If i ditch my bowflex, i will not be able to do exercises like seated row, cable lat raises, lying arm curl, one arm cable row. Also, i am only able to workout once a week at the gym and 4 days i spend working out at home.

Any good program at T-mag will work. Just lift weights, mostly free weights, squat, bench, do pull-ups and deadlift. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Stick to the basics. Read that “dawg school” column at t-mag. There’s been as bunch of home training advice in those columns.


If the program requires dips, lat pulldowns, triceps pushdown, what will be the alternatives for these exercises?

Johnathan, the program listed in Get Buffed is very similar to the “12-weeks to super strength” and “limping” series posted on T-mag. There are only minor differences. So either one of those programs will be fine. I suggest that you do as Ian suggests and work out on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri following his plan. Also, if you want to gain but also feel kind of fat (I know this feeling because as soon as I gain weight I can feel it in my abs), then do a little cardio after your workouts.

Ian recommends that if you feel like you are gaining too much fat weight to either add a little cardio or cut back on some calories. Since you want to get big, I would suggest keeping the calories up, but adding some cardio. You should only need 20-30 minutes of cardio two to three times a week AFTER your workouts.

Be sure to follow Ian's program as closely as possible. He may have some wacky ways of doing things, but there is a reason to do so. Also, you can substitute many of the exercises depending on what you have available. I would use your one gym day to do the exercises that you can't do at home.

And for substitutes, think of other major exercies. A good substitute for dips would be some sort of extensions (lying or overhead) as well as close-grip benches. For the lat pulldown you can always do chins and pullups. So don’t let that be your limiting factor!

I hope that helps! Also, you may want to read about the Massive Eating diet by John Berardi. I have posted a thread about it on the forum. You may want to give it a try if you don’t do the Get Big diet. But either one should help!

Remember to stick with the basics. If I’ve learned anything recently (thanks to the seminar), it’s that your nutrition and training have to be on. And even though I eat clean, I was not eating enough calories or protein. Now I know why I couldn’t grow! But that’s going to change now. :slight_smile: