Gaining mass?

OK, so I was trying to cut up, but then realized whats the point of cutting up if you don’t have a bunch of muscle to show for it, so I am now trying to put on 10 pounds (mostly muscle although I realize that on a bulking phase you put on some fat). I am 18 years old, 6’ 178 pounds and around 10% bodyfat.
I started using creatine a week ago and did the loading phase, I am also eating 3470 calories a day over 6 meals and using Craig Ballantynes “MASSIVE ACTION” program. I checked my weight this morning right after waking up on an empty stomach and I was 178 pounds. What am I doing wrong? I am looking tighter, but why am I not gaining weight? I am not sure if it is a matter of losing fat but gaining muscle and at this point my weight is the same because of fat loss and added muscle weight and my weight will start to go up now or do I need to eat more calories? In addition to the creatine I am using hydroxycut to try to keep from gaining excess fat. Any help would be appreciated.

Rucker: #1) CUT OUT THE THERMOGENICS! If you want to make the “T-Mag” staff go beserk, let them read that a guy is not gaining weight and is on thermogenics. The way to slow fat gain is to MANIPULATE CALORIES!

#2) Read, and read again “Massive Eating”; to gain, you must EAT BIG!

#3)If you want to put on lean body mass, you will also add fat. It’s a given, so don’t fear it!
When your DIET is in order, REASSESS! THEN and ONLY THEN, you may consider “mass building” supplements.

where did you get Ballantyne’s program?

Stop using Hydroxycut. I won’t get in the details. But their are at least 4 reasons I can think of.

Thanks, I am stopping the thermogenics now and I am increasing my calories to 3600 a day. I got the program from ballantyne over E-mail, it’s pretty good and has some good workouts in it as well as some other stuff.