Full Body, Spinal Tap for Deadlift

Hi, I have 3 weeks left to finish Rest Pause challenge. I pretty like train full body on every workout and I made training which I want use after challenge. It looks like that:

Squat - DL
Press - TM
Kroc Row - 1 x max

  • super sets arms

Bench Press - TM
Deadlift - TM
Dips - 5 sets

  • face pulls

Squat - TM
DB Bench - 5 sets
Chins - 5 sets

  • super sets arms

For deadlift I would like use part 2 of Spinal Tap because I feel nice on lower reps during this lift.

What do you think?

Sorry, I didn’t explain TM and DL. I mean TM as original 5/3/1 template, not Beyond version, same DL. Maybe for deadlift I just should use Beyond version without going above 3 reps at 100% TM instead Spinal Tap?

Work out all this stuff in your head, write it all down, analyze it for a couple of weeks and then ask. It’ll take some time to work through programming options (it usually takes a few months to nail something down and then several cycles to see if it works).

The key to doing all this is 100% believing and adhereing to principles. When you do that you don’t get weaker - you just find that certain things work better than others.