Free M

Just wanted to say thanks to Biotest for a free bottle of M with my Mag-10. Can’t wait to use both. Keep up the great work guys.

I would like to say thanks as well. That really shows a lot about the company. I know I will now only order from biotest. That is top of the line customer service. Awesome.
Greg Gonzales

Sweet, I also received the free M thanks Biotest.

Yes, thank you very much. People are spending a lot of money on Mag-10 and it’s great that they will get to try M as a bonus. What a great way to introduce a new product so people can see the benifits for themselves. This “gift” will return itself to you many times over in repeat sales.
To those of you that have already received the M, how many caps are in each bottle and what is the recommended daily dosage? I still have some clomid, anyone know if stacking it with M would be overkill?