Forearm Growth...

Many people seem to have pretty good forearm development with no direct training. Of course, you train them anytime you do an upper body exercise from gripping the weights but that only supplies isometric resistance, not the kind needed for hypertrophy. Genetics play a large part of course; forearms seem to be one of those body parts you just have or don’t. Is the growth just a side effect of overall body mass gains or can they grow with only isometric contractions?

I’ve always had small forearms, but my wrists are small too, so the contrast doesn’t look too bad. My forearms got the boost they needed when I followed Ian King’s Great Guns and 12 weeks to superstrength programs. I found that they really progressed alot later in the programs when direct forearm work was eliminated and they got some really heavy work via weighted chins.

This is coming from a guy who used to have small forearms. I would say train them with arms. I never really did them until about 3 months ago. After about a month, people were asking me how my forearms got so big. Also, when I would meet people they would say nice forearms or hey, forearms, how’s it going?

I didn’t follow any specific routine, I just picked 3 exercises and went. People neglect their forearms soooo much. Would you neglect abs just because you use them as stabilizers whenever you do any exercise? I would say get big forearms by isolating them, and then drop them. Once mine got big, I stopped doing them and a month and a half later, they are the same size as when I trained them. I think your big lifts are plenty to MAINTAIN forearms, not build bigger forearms.