Foot Position: Too Wide For Benching In a Power Rack?

Sometimes I go to my school’s weight room for the hell of it. They have Hammer Strength racks that are too narrow to position my feet in the manner which I like. I’m a little concerned that when I eventually buy my own equipment that I won’t be able to bench in the rack because it too will be too narrow to place my feet properly. Has anyone else had this problem? What’s your opinion on this?

For reference, here’s a vid of me benching 225 for a double; you can see how I place my feet (skip to about 50 seconds in):

Pretty simply, the width of the rack will have to be a big consideration in your choice of equipment when you are ready to buy your own. Another thought is playing with the position of the bench in the rack. If I pull my bench out a little, my feet end up just outside the rack, and I can put them as wide as I like.