Flirt survey

1> If you are a flirt, do you do it for power or to set yourself up for nookie or a bit of both?
2> If you have a flirtatious girl, is it an annoyance or do you get used to it?
3> Any opinions on whether flirts can be good long term partners?
4> Do you ever use more than 2 fingers on the fingerbang (Oop - scratch the last one - either I got my surveys mixed up or my turettes is playing up).

Damn, you never get used to it. I used to date a girl back in the day who would flirt with everyone…but she was extreamly insecure about herself and i think she did it for gradification…but i never got used to it. It just pissed me off too often and i kicked her to the curb. Which is great casue i got an awesome girl now. The only thing that gets me going thought is the fact that it seems like she always has guys coming on to her. Which is okay with me, cause has got it. I know that she is true though…
as for the fingers…Put it in the Pooper…

G’day T-Bro
Firstly, I think flirting is for power, it’s an ego trip. But also to set yourself up to exchange some bodily fluids.
Secondly,I’ve had a flirtatious girl before ( an absolutely stunning babe )and it was ’ stress city’ for me. With girls like that, you always worry what they’re up to when they go out night clubbing/pubbing without you. I never got used to it.
So personally, I don’t think they would be good long term partners.
I realise that if you trust someone it shouldn’t worry you but, if you’re in a serious relationship I don’t believe that women need to get extra attention from anyone else.
Later boys.

If thats the case Sped, I may have some kicking to the curb to do. Shadow puppet dog and bird finger action, at the same time , F ))(^&^$^%#^())(*(&

I enjoy talking with people and laughing, but I am excptionally careful not to flirt. I can’t see how it would look too good for my husband if his woman were flirtatious. Doesn’t matter though, guys still try to give me their numbers. All I have to do is be away from my husband for a second and BAM! I get hit on. I guess there is not much respect for the “ring” nowadays.

Personally I’m not that much of a flirt, but when I do flirt, since I have a serious girlfriend, I’m only going it for “power,” not for nookie. My girlfriend isn’t too flirtatious, but if I had one that was I’m sure I would find it annoying. I’m sure they can make good long-term partners, though, as long as it never extends beyond the point of flirting. Start with one finger, see how it goes, slowly attempt a second, see if it’s gonna’ fit comfortably and if you sense that she wants that second one in there, and play it by ear.

Heya T-fam. Now I’m completely secure with myself as a person, primate, ect. but I’m an admittent T-flirting addict. I just love that uneasy moment between two people that borders on friendly and feindish. lata.

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Flirting is the best … two people can really play off of each other’s expressions, words, body language, etc. It’s both fun and a set up for something more. However, if you’re with someone seriously, then the flirting should stay just between the two of you. Ironbabe is right … it can’t look good for either one of you. Plus it’s downright annoying and rude of your significant other. Being nice is one thing. And I think two involved people can flirt with each other, no matter how long they’ve been together. It’s what keeps things interested. Play games. Give looks to each other at weddings, events, etc., as if to say, “When this thing is over, I’m going to fuck you rotten.” Who wouldn’t like that? You can build so much anticipation that way. As for the fingers, as many as she’ll let you!! And another fun thing … right when you’re about to go down on someone and they’re hot for it, pause, and then say, “I’ve changed my mind. I’m not in the mood.” See how quickly your head gets pushed back down! It’s great.

Play it by ear? Mine doesn’t like fingers in her ear… as for flirting, I think a certain amount is quite normal between men and women when they like the other person, even when there is no intent. There are excesses just as in everything else.

I’m definately a flirt, but it’s not a power thing, it’s a ‘fun’ thing. and yes, even when i’ve been with someone I’ve been known to flirt but it is an innocent thing, because I am absolutely unswervingly loyal to any guy I am with. If you trust your partner you don’t have to worry about them talking/laughing/having fun with others weither you’re there or not. I can see where it would be trouble if you don’t really trust your s.o. though. And yes, flirts can make good long term partners.

Funny this comes up because I just had this conversation with some co-workers. Personally I think that there are to kinds of flirting 1) recreational flirting and 2) flirting with intent. Flirting with intent is when there is the desire by one or both parties to eventaully swap some body fluids. Recreational flirting occurs when there is no desire by either party to swap fluids and both parties are aware that it is recreational. It is done more in a playful type of way. As long as both parties are of the understanding that it is being done in a playful way, there is no problem with doing it.

I guess I am a flirt but I do it just to see if I can get what I want from a chick. Once I find out, I usually back way off. I guess it’s to find out if I’m good looking eventhough a female model told me I was hot. I used to have a flirtatious girl who became pregnant and I kicked her to the curb. (no, not mine) As for me, I really don’t think that flirtatious partners work out cause the issue of trust comes up and boy I trusted my ex till she, for some unexplained reason, began growing in the stomach area.

Michelle, all of us guys want to know: What’s your take on question #4?

“all of us guys want to know” sure, Damici… blame it on the whole group…


i'm on the receiving end, so i'm not 100% sure actually. i'm sure it's not just one'd have to ask my ex....

Michelle . . . Touche! (DAMN! Caught again, trying to blame it on the whole group! BLAST! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!).

I’m not too much of a flirt, but I talk to a lot of people at bars and gyms, just social I guess. If i’m single at the time then I flirt for ego and nookie. As for question #2 I had a girlfriend that was a big time flirt, but she naturally liked to be the center of attention in a crowd whether she realized it or not. To keep her from nagging me, I went from big time flirt to “quiet guy” in 2 seconds flat. If I waled away from her and her friends for 2 seconds in a bar, guys were trying to hit on her. I even let her dance with other guys as long as it was nothing too close or sexual in nature. It was hard at first to let her do this, but I couldn’t give her all the attention she needed, so I let her have a little room. I was pretty insecure at the time and thought she would leave me any second, but she reassured me I was her only man. After a little while, I felt better and tried to do more things with her, we had a good realtionship, but had different life goals and now we’re best friends. One thing though is at clubs with friends, if there was a guy I didn’t like that was trying to talk to her or her freind’s, then I told her to tell him to go away in a 1-4 minutes, if she didn’t do it on her terms, then I confronted him and the guy/guys would leave, as she was my girlfriend.