Flax vs. Hemp

I have been hearing a lot of good things about hemp oil lately, especially its ideal ratio or perfect balance of omega 6, 3, and 9 fatty acids. In addition, hemp oil also contains smaller amounts of 3 other unsaturated fats, GLA oleic acid and stearidonic acid. Now, I have heard long time flax consumption can cause an imbalance between omega 3 and 6 and flax has no GLA, plus hemp oil tastes much better. Would it be safe to say that hemp oil is a much better form of EFA supplementation? What is everyone’s opinion?

Yes hemp is better but I use ‘Udos choice oils’
its perfectally formulated with everything you
mentioned and doesnt taste bad either.give it a shot

Is udo’s choice a liquid or in a pill form. The liquid pill forms of oils are useless according to what polquin told me at a seminar (also according to Dr. Andrew Weil, the guy might be a wuss but he knows alternative medecine). Also will you test positive for Pot with hemp oil? If there is any chance i would never mess around with that stuff as i’m a drug-tested athlete.

I went to buy some hemp oil yesterday and the store was out, so I haven’t tried it yet. I have, however, heard that it can make you flunk a drug test i.e. test positive for marijuana. Hemp oil itself isn’t psychoactive , of course. Other hemp products, like hemp beer and shampoo, don’t show up on drug tests. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe poppy seeds may also make you flunk a test and ephedrine may show up as amphetamines. 200 mg of riboflavin may throw off a drug test as well (according the the Forensic Drug Advisor.)

Hemp oil can make you fail a drug. Fortunately, for that to happen you need to drink somewhere around 2 gallons a day of hemp oil for a drug test to come back positive. As far as its effectiveness goes, it tastes better than flax(though its still not one of my favorite dishes) so I am more prone to drink but that’s all I know for sure.

You will NOT fail a drug test while using hemp oil. I use it and am a drug-tested NCAA athlete and I have not failed drug tests and the manufacturer has assured me that I will not ever fail a drug test from hemp oil.

Rather than choose one over the other, i use both. I also like macademia nut oil(For cooking). I prefer the taste of flax over hemp. However, both are great.

According to Dr. Dean Edell at Healthcentral, “Doctors gave small amounts of hemp oil to patients and found all tested positive for marijuana use. One stayed positive for days on just one dose of hemp oil.” Also, the Coast Guard and U.S. Air Force officials have banned the consumption of hemp oil products by people under that command. That comes from the same article at Healthcentral and the Forensic Drug Abuse Advisor Vol 10 (9), October 1998. I can’t find the original study right now, so I don’t how much they consider a “dose”.

I agree with catch. You’d have to drink gallons and gallons of hemp oil to test positive. It has been long known that hemp oil (only a cousin of the marijuana plant) does have a better fatty acid profile than flax oil. Now as for hemp oil causing and imbalance of omega 3+6 fatty acids, i am at a loss. I think I’ll go with Udo’s choice until the unsanctioned clinical trials (the BB community) comes to an undisputed oil-based solution.