Flax Tastes Good?


I’ve been ‘shown the way’ since about 2002 regarding healthy fats, and I still can’t get over the horrible taste of flax oil. Fish oil, not bad especially if taken capsulated before bed. Salmon, damn tasty. Olive oil, okay not good alone but goes great with a variety of meals. Flax oil, PUKE.

I’ve been reading on the forum and noticed that some users really enjoy the taste of flax. Some users drizzle it over their salads or sip it … Am I just being a big puss, or are there more people that detest the taste of this stuff?

Okay rant over, sorry. I guess I’ve been seeing (quite obviously) that fish oil is the perferred choice over flax oil and that flax oil gives you an undesireable ratio of 3’s:6’s. Is the cure (besides injesting mostly or all fish oil) to add sunflower oil to it? Is this necessary? I’ve bought a few bottles of Udo’s choice, but I haven’t tried those “gems” yet…

Sorry to sound negative, I just took a shot in the mouth… of oil.


Flax doesn’t taste good to me, but it isn’t so bad that I dread eating it. I just take it real quick and move on.

I have just recently started taking it, so I may grow to hate it and be unable to get it down.

I like the taste of flax oil - it has a nutty flavor. I’ve mixed it into protein shakes and oatmeal, drizzled it over cooked vegetables and rice, and mixed it with a flavored vinegar (apple or raspberry) to make a salad dressing.

Are you sure that the flax oil you tasted hadn’t gone rancid? To make sure you’ve tasted quality flax oil, I’d recommend that you call local health food stores to find one that keeps their cold-pressed oils refrigerated. Then go take a look at their selections. Some manufacturers sell pre-flavored flax oil - I’ve seen cinnamon-flavored and garlic/chili-flavored. There are also the oil blends, which usually have better omega 3:6 ratios. Udo’s Choice is a favorite of many, but it’s kind of expensive. I got one once that included pumpkin seed oil that was very tasty.

Hope this is helpful.

I also like the taste of flax oil. Maybe not straight (since I’ve never actually drunk it out of the container), but it adds an interesting flavor overtone when mixed in with a protein shake.