First Synthol Cycle

This is my first synthol cycle and I need some advice. How much synthol should I inject into each bicep and how often? I want big arms like Gregg Valentino so I’m going to pin triceps and delts too.

Since you’re 18, you can bump it up to 2ml per injection site. How big are your arms now? I’d do an additional injection site for every 5" of diameter.

My arms are small now. That’s why I’m doing a synthol cycle.

Is this your goal?

I want arms like Gregg Valentino. That’s my goal.

If you want to live a long life stop right there. If you want to get caught up in the never-ending drug culture and die young, carry on.

So I should just stick with insulin for my first cycle?

Please tell me this whole thread is a late April fools joke

All due respect. Have you tried just eating till you feel sick 6x per day? Any actual anabolics? Synthol is high risk/low reward. Eat a LOT. Work your arms. You’re 18. You should just see what you can do first. I really hope you don’t go with synthol. As a matter of fact, at 18, anabolics might not be a great idea either. More info?