First Cycle Running Test E, Dbol, and Equipoise

First Cycle running 350 Test E split into two shots Monday and Thursday I’m also running 50 mgs of Dbol a day along with 600mg of EQ split into three shots Monday Wednesday and Friday I have Arimidex on hand but honestly I’m feeling great I’m two weeks in and already have considerable muscle growth opinions on my first cycle are definitely wanted

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And where is the discussion?

If you want to share experiences, there is a log section in this forum :slight_smile:


I like this one. It seems like a good amount of these posts ask a question just to go on and do what they planned anyways.

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I have a different take. The OP has made an announcement.

I am waiting some more information, like current pic, strength, etc. And then updates going forward.

Example: before cycle 5 rep max in bench press, with weekly updates.

Sure would be more interesting with age, weight, strength, % body fat estimate, etc.

No opinion, but a few questions: why’d you pick these three compounds? Why test and Dbol together? What does your CBC look like on the high EQ dose?

I wouldn’T worry about an AI really, the EQ likely will offset any high e2 symptoms.

Thank you for letting us all know.


Oh and I weigh around 225lbs

Well I really only use dumbbells so I can now put up the biggest the 75 lb dumbbells for 15 when I started I was getting that for around 5-8 I’m 5’11 I’m 39 years old and my body fat percentage is roughly 20 %

All that is left is for you to determine if the health risk is worth the muscle growth benefit.

I cannot answer that question for you. Everyone has their own risk threshold. My conditions may not be popular with most who want more muscle.

I think so my diet is great I eat a lot of organ meat and I also eat some of it raw and I also eat a good amount of healthy fats and my protein intake is definitely all from good grass fed grass finished animal protein i am feeling fucking amazing

I was just looking for options on my first cycle

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I meant opinions lol sorry autocorrect

I need to qualify my comment: My dosage is for pharmaceutical grade AAS.

You said “First Cycle”. Please clarify if this is your first cycle of any AAS stack.

You are taking nearly twice as much testosterone as I would take per week.
You are taking twice as much Dianabol as I would take per day.
You are taking 6 times as much Equipoise as I would take per week. (I should add that I would take 200mg/wk of Deca)

Yes my first cycle ever of anything

How many cycles are you planning on doing? And how often, as in how many per year?

dbol water.

once you stop, going to piss away all your considerable muscle growth.


I plan on staying on as long as I am staying and getting healthier

You think perma-blasting is healthy?

You will only be getting healthier until you aren’t. Then you might have gone too far to recover to a healthy state.

Some health problems due to excessive AAS use might not occur until years later. And then too late to rectify.

Ultimately it is a risk/benefit decision, with cause and effect having a long lag time.

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Well I will continue to monitor my health and I will eventually just go on Test but I was low T to start