First Cycle Feedback

I’m generally more inclined to doing a
program of 2 on 4 off. However since your
first cycle is so much better, I’m going to do
an 8 week cycle, followed by 16 weeks off.
Any additional use will be in a 2 on 4 off

It seems that people who post their cycles to this forum often go to one extreme or the other: kamikaze "gramobol" 2gms of T per week. Or alternately, worse than useless cycles like "I'm going to do 200mg deca per week for 8 weeks - is this good?" My plan is to be somewhere in between: plenty of gear to get results, but with choices of substance and quantity to minimize side effects.

Here is what I (hypothetically, of course) plan to do:

all throughout the cycle: -silymarin, saw palmetto & pygeum, finasteride

Week 1: 500mg sustanon (day 1), 400mg primo (day 1), 400mg winstrol (200mg each on days 1 & 4), 200mg clomid (day 1), 50mg clomid (days 2-7)

Weeks 2-7: -250mg sustanon (day 1), 300mg primo (day 1)
, 200mg winstrol (100mg each days 1 & 4),
50mg clomid (days 1-7)

Week 8:
200mg primo (day 1),
50 sprays androsol (days 1-7 applied
only in the morning and washed off by 6pm
100mg clomid (days 1-7), 1000 IU HCG (days 3, 5 & 7)

Week 9:-100mg clomid (days 1-7), -600mg phosphatidylserine (days 1-7), 3 Tablespoons Methoxy7 (days 1-7)

Weeks 10-16: off all drugs (only supplements)

I am currently 6'1", 200lbs @8% bodyfat. (Started at 150lbs @16% bodyfat.) Been training 12 years. Diet will be 1.5gm protein/lb of bodyweight, 2gm carbs/lb of bodyweight and .4gm fat/lb of bodyweight. 45% carb, 35% pro, 20% fat. Approx 3500+ cals - 17.5 cals per/lb bodyweight. Training split will be each bodypart once every 6 days, in a 2 on, 1 off fashion. Training will be once per day. My goal is to gain at least 20lbs, and retain at least 15 lbs at the end of week 16. More would be better (of course).

The goal in week 1 is to get blood levels elevated so dosages are higher. The goal in week 8 is to maintain gains or minimize losses while upregulating natural T production. I know that Bill is not a big fan of tapering down in the last week. But in this case I think it might work because 1)I am using primo which is much less inhibitory, and I'm using a low dose 2)I am only using the androsol in the morning, and 3)I'm using clomid *and* HCG.

My main question is: is 750mg enough gear in weeks 2-7, or should I consider more? My thinking is that 300mg primo + 250mg T would be enough or almost enough Class I AAS to saturate the AR in a first timer. And that 200mg winstrol + 250mg T would be almost enough Class II AAS to saturate the non-AR pathways. I'm not interested in using any orals, so I would only increase the dosages of the things I'm already using. Alternately I could throw in some Androsol if it might help. Any other feedback would certainly be welcome/appreciated.

Some additional info that might be relevant:
Heaviest I’ve ever been is 212@ 12% BF. Most
lean I’ve ever been is 6% BF@190lbs. I plan
to do ab training on my “off” days because I
couldn’t fit it in on my other days. And I
have one question on dosage timing: since my
training split is going to be a 6 day cycle,
I am thinking of shortening the AAS cycle to
6 days also. So each “week” would be 6 days
instead of 7. For example I’d do the primo and
sus on day 1, then next injection on day 7
instead of day 8, then next on day day 13
instead of day 15 etc. What do you think about
that? Thanks.