Brock or Bill (or both)- If I stick to 2 weeks on- 4 weeks off of Finasol + Androsol, can I get away without using Clomid, and just using Tribex. I know that Tribex is not equivalent to Clomid or Nolvadex, but was hoping 2 week window would prevent any gyno, shutdown, etc. Also, readers, anyone sticking with 2 week cycle experiencing many sides? Thanks.

The 2 on / 4 off cycle will let you get away with not using Clomid. It’s not optimal to do without, but it’s okay and in fact expected that most users will not use Clomid.

Thanks Bill! I know you advocate clomid with most cycles, the problem is for someone like me who is out in the middle of nowhere, I am not going to order anything from a complete stranger, and have them mail it to me. I really am looking forward to the new product which will hopefully be very similiar to clomid. Thanks again.