Does anyone know if Finasol can be used in a lower than 15 sprays dose, once a day in the morning, without the inhibition normaly associated with Tren

My impression (no data) is that trenbolone is more suppressive for any given amount of anabolic effect than any other steroid. Even very low dose injectable seems quite suppressive. However, if you washed the Fina off in the very early evening, I’d think you’d be okay even with 14 sprays having been applied in the morning. Stack with Dianabol or Androsol, because trenbolone alone is not all that great an anabolic.

Bill, you da man, but I thought Tren was one of (if not the most) powerful anabolics at about 3x Test. What ‘is’ the most potent anabolic?

(to lipo) I’m not sure if you thought I was saying otherwise, that trenbolone was not potent: I wasn’t. I was saying that it seems to have a poor ratio of anabolism to inhibition: in other words, you get a lot of inhibition even at quite low doses that aren’t yet enough to get much anabolism. So it’s not something
to use if you want to maintain some natural T production concurrently. Primobolan would be
a far better anabolic for that purpose: you
can get significant anabolism while still keeping suppression low.

Trenbolone is an unusually potent steroid,
but there are others that are more potent,
e.g. methyltrienolone. However, potency (efficacy per milligram) is not of practical importance to the user. Who cares if with
one steroid you only use one milligram and
with another you need 100, if there’s no
problem taking the 100? Issues such as side
effects and cost are relevant but potency
per se is not important to the user provided
the dosage is chosen accordingly.

I know it’s a great-sounding word – you’d think you’d want to use what’s most potent – but one shouldn’t have thinking influenced by the sounds of the words, but rather understand the concepts and in this case, the concept is something quite relevant to medicinal chemistry but not of clinical importance provided correct dosing and blood levels can be readily achieved with the less potent drug. Often the less potent drug will be the preferable one clinically.