Has anyone come up with the ideal mixture for finaplix pellets in androsol or nandrosol.

100 pellets - 1 bottle andro/nandrosol- 70 sprays 2x per day

What kind of results can you expect w/100 pellets in a bottle of Androsol? Will 100 pellets fit in the bottle?

Earlier on this board Bill Roberts recommended dissolving 4g (200 pellets) in 80 ml of Androsol, making a 50mg/ml solution. The recommended dosage was 7-14 sprays twice a day of the Finasol along with ~60 sprays of additional “plain” Androsol. Now for the last month or so I keep seeing this 100 pellet in a whole bottle recommendation. Did I miss something? Has this new protocol proven to be a better way to do it? Anyone tried both methods?

Mike- you crush them up, plus they’re very tiny, like those little tart candies or tic tacs.

Bill said a while ago that you don’t have to crush them up, but it takes longer if you don’t. For anybody that’s actually done this, can you tell us exactly how you went about disolving the fina in the androsol?

All I did was throw 1 cart of Comp into a bottle of AndroSol. I didn’t crush them but I kept it in the fridge and shook twice a day for about a week. I sprayed 28 sprays twice the first day then 14 twice a day for the next 13 days. I saw very good increases in strength and energy as well as putting on 14 lbs, about 9 I kept. If I were to do it again I would crush them but it isn’t an absoloute must.

As an aside, i grind my pellets up in an inexpensive electric coffee grinder. Just a few seconds and they are literally powder. It certainly shortens/improves their solubility!