I was wondering if anyone know where you can buy 100% isopropal alcohol to make finasol with. Also, this may seem stupid, but in the last T-mag issue, Brock said you could also use ethyl alcohol. Isn’t Drinking alcohol the same as ethyl alcohol? If so, could I make finasol with 95% grain alcohol, or is grain alcohol not the same.

You can buy isopropyl alcohol at the store as rubbing alcohol. It is 99% because that is as much water as you can get out by distilling. Ethyl alcohol is the same as drinking alcohol, so grain alcohol would be the same.

In my area none of the big name places like Walgreen’s had anything higher than 70%. The friendly local pharm did however. Try going through your phone book and dial up a few places. Good luck

Rubbing alcohol is generally only 70% isopropyl alcohol, which will not work.

If 190 proof grain alcohol or pure isopropyl
alcohol are not available, there are two choices:

  1. Use an Androsol or Nandrosol as the base.
    Since the correct concentration of TA is
    50 mg/mL (in my opinion) a single bottle
    would be sufficient for 12 grams of TA!
    Or you might use only part of the bottle,
    and pour the remainder into another partially
    used Androsol bottle. The advantage of this
    approach is that you are going to want to
    have a suitable sprayer anyway. Most sprayers
    don’t give an appropriately-fine mist.<2>

  2. It’s possible to use acetone instead but
    this is not preferred. However, the very
    first “Finasol,” though the name hadn’t been
    come up with it, was made that way about 4
    years ago and worked very well.

In either case, appropriate application amount
IMO is 50-100 mg, or 7-14 sprays if using
an Androsol or Nandrosol sprayer, twice per day.