Finaplix-h cartridges?

I found a website that sells finaplix-h, but they refer to them as cartridges. Are these the same as pellets? Has anyone had any legal problems from ordering from these veterinary

The pellets come in cartridges.

Fina pellets come in cartidges-2g each. No problems at all.

I have a question for you guys. How many pellets does one need to purchase to have a totally of 4 grams of pellets? I understand that each pellet is 20mg of tren, so does that mean I’d have to buy 200 pellets? I’m asking this as I have found a site that sells one cartridge (which i’m guessing is 10 pellets?) for around $30. Am I correct here? To help me even more, assuming I wanted to do 300mg per week of tren for say 6 weeks, how many pellets would i need?

Dude, go to the search section and key in finaplix. You will find everything you need. I am sure these guys are tired of rehashing old shit.

jc-- 4g = 2 cartridges = 200 pellets. Each cartidge has 100 pellets.4g into 80ml androsol will be more than enough for 6 weeks