Final answer...E/C stack. Bill, Brock, anyone?

I know questions like this have asked before, but I haven’t seen this question asked recently, and was wondering what the lastest feelings are on this: Should the ephedrine/caffeine/etc. stack be cycled, and if so, how? I am taking it specifically for fat loss, and I know there are various opinions on this; some say take it every other day, some 5 days, 2 off, some say take it without cycling for long periods of time (i believe some of the studies supported this), others have said taking it after you stop “feeling” it is a waste of time and money. So what’s the last word on this? Is the science on this in yet, or are we still not sure? I’m looking for the facts here…Anyone in the know?

I am not sure where I read it but I have read that though the stimulant effect of ECA diminishes w/ time the therogenic effect actually stays the same or increases w/ time. But like I said I cant remember where I read it so maybe someone can elaborate.