FF Results and a question!

Hi folks! Before I begin, I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! That said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. As I posted before, I started my Fat Fast 5 weeks ago. In that time, I managed to shed 18 pounds of fat and keep all of my lean mass - I’m down to around 9% and my goal is closer to 6%, but I wil get there. I had all the usual issues in the first week, but they subsided once my body adapted. My only change was that I subbed Xenadrine for MD6 for the last two weeks - I really didn’t notice much of a difference as they are both good products. In all, I’d recommend this program to all those who are willing and think they can stick it out!

On to my question: I doubt anybody remembers, but when I first posted and started my FF, I had a friend want to do it with me. He has very little experience in the gym and is really obese - 270 and 30% bodyfat. I convinced him that the program would just be too much for him and I told him that he should start gradually, cutting carbs and lifting 3x/week. Well, it’s five weeks later, he’s lost a little weight, and he’s asking me for more advice. What would you guys recommend? He’s a naturally big guy and putting on mass comes easy for him so I’m thinking of recommending T-Dawg for him, supplemented with some modified German Volume Training (I know he can’t handle that whole workout yet!). Any ideas?

Merry Christmas!!! Congrats on the results man! I’m gonna start my FF right after the holidays. As far as your friend goes, you advice seems pretty on the mark. Just make sure that he gets enough rest between workouts - it would suck for him to do all that work and overtrain at the same time. Later.

For your friend, I would suggest that you start with a different approach such as the Don’t Diet program. For a newbie, you want to start with a solid foundation of good nutrition, lifting, and cardio. The T-Dawg or Fat Fast is a good diet for a seasoned lifter who already knows what to eat the other 95% of the time. Get him in the gym and start him lifting and through in a bunch of cardio. Get him on fish and flax oil, high quality proteins, veggies, oatmeal and fruits. Have him read “Food that make you look good naked” and Massive Eating. But as I mentioned before, have him use “Don’t Diet” and get him making good food choices. It took him years to get fat and it is not going to take him a month of the Fat Fast or two months on T-Dawg to shed the pounds. It is going to several months before significant results are going to be seen.