Festival Training?

Im heading to a festival in belgium from the 17th-20th July. but ill be in belgium from 15th-22nd July.

that week im away in belgium will be my 7th week of my current program so i was thinking i could take the week off and let my whole body heal…


i was thinking of doing some exercise 2-3 times a day.
100 press ups (sets of 25), 100 situps(sets of 25)each time, lunges (holding whatever weight i can find) and single leg squats.

I’ll obviously be eating very little, drinking (but i shall minimise it as much as possible) and probably smoking weed. and ill have lots of cardio jumping about at the gigs etc…

any thoughts?


maybe over-train a bit the week before , then take the festival week completely off .
eat like a pig , come back stronger .
have fun

lol… eating like a pig is my problem

would it b better to drink more, eat less. drink moderately but eat a bit more (although its all going to be high carb), or dont drink and eat like a pig?

obviously all of them are bad… but which is the lesser of the evils?


well tomorrow is the first day of my first holiday in 4 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

any thoughts on training while at it.

im thinking pushups to failure in the morning, afternoon and evening. and the same with sit ups. so 3 sets till failure throughout the day.


if any ones interested i went with 2 sets to failure every day. and then probably 3 hours of jumping on one spot at gis etc… lol. i lost a stone somehow!