Female Training

What’s up guys and girls? My girlfriend finally broke down and asked me for some help the other day regarding her training. Despite what she thinks she is underweight. She wishes to become more muscular and lose some bodyfat! (Don’t we all!) However, she is very new to training so I figured with the inexperience of her training this could be possible. Should I set her caloric intake at a surplus or deficient? I was thinking about her eating along the lines of maintainence while doing some circuit training along with some GPP. Would going with the “Big 3” and some auxilary work be a better option? I appreciate any input, especially from ladies, on helping me help her achieve her goals. God Bless America.

my wife had done various programs in the past, but she has had the best results training with me doing a slightly modified west side routine. she finally saw her shoulders grow and her strength has greatly increased. but most importantly, her figure has gotten even better. the heavy weights are great for increasing strength without necessarily getting bigger.