Female fat loss

My new training partner is a gal. she has developed quite nicely and we are near our cutting phase. i was wondering if you t-vixens could share any gender specific secrets on aquiring a six pack. as a male i use the industry standard but realize you gals might have some notes to share. thanks.

I have always done the usual 1-2 gal H2O, high protein, low carb,flax seed oil, same diet that the guys do. There is really nothing ab specific,as the fat goes they begin to show.
Tell her to rub prep-H on spots that aren’t tight and may be holding water (before photos or a show)Good Luck! oops! I hit the enter bar too soon!

Sounds good. I pretty much do the same but incorp a good fat burner to keep me sane and alive. Watch out for sodium in her diet, I find that I bloat more than the boys when I eat it. I’m not too sure if that’s gender specific…and lots and tons of water…especially around that time of the month…with that mentioned, hopefully her body fat will stay high enough that she still gets her period…if she looses it…careful…dont stay that low for too long…