Fat Timing

A quick question on fat times in terms of body starving itself. I’m getting the 25-30 percent recommended amount of fat for my overall calories, but had a question about the timing. I usually work out about 4 hours after I wake up, so I have 2 P+C meals before lifting, my PWO shake, then two more PWO meals that are P+C. Therefore, the brunt of my fats are later in the day and around bed time. I know the absence of enough fat can cause the body to go into starvation mode, but does the timing (leaving out PWO and all that stuff) matter? I’m not burning muscle rather than fat becaue I haven’t had fat for about 12 hours before working out am I?

I believe JB outlined two approaches to timing P+C and P+F meals. The first was to alternate, adjusting for needs post-workout. The other was called “The Taper” which was P+C early and P+F later in the day. The taper (going on memory here) was recommeded as superior, particuarly for fat loss. It sounds to me like you are right on target, assuming of course that everything else is in line and fat loss in one of your goals.
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