Fat Question

My dinning hall serves rotissery chicken in the skin. I was wondering if I remove the skin myself (after it has already been cooked) is it as healthy as if the skin had been removed prior to cooking? If not how close is it? Does anyone have nutrition info for this? Thank you in advance!!

From the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Information Center web site: “Three ounces of cooked lean beef or chicken without skin - a piece the size of a deck of cards - provides about 6 grams of fat; a piece of chicken with skin or untrimmed meat of that size may have as much as twice this amount of fat.” This roughly coincides with the information listed in Corinne T. Netzer’s “The Complete Book of Food Counts”.

But does this information stay the same if the chicken has been cooked in its skin and then I remove it afterwards?

If the chicken is cooked with the skin it will have a higher fat content in that the fat is somehow cooked in with the meat. It is still healthier to take the skin off after but there will be more fat than if it was cooked without the skin. I have the same problem at my dinning hall too it sucks.