Fat loss stopped

I dumped 40 pounds of fat and water following a Testosterone/Dianabol/Deca mass cycle using anabolic diet with carb up on Sundays and 15-20 g of carbs per day. After that I started cutting cycle with mild roid usage,50 mg Winstrol every three days and 100 mg Primobolan once a week,ECA stack and 25 to 50 ug T3. I also adopted T-Dawg diet with 30 g carbs during the day and 40 g high GI carbs in the postworkout shake. I’ve been T-Dawg dieting for 4 weeks and the problem is that I stopped losing weight. I am 5"11 and 197 pounds, don’t know how much % bf because I can’t measure it, and it isn’t evenly distributed. The thing is that my abs seem to be more defined despite not losing any weight. I am at 2.6-2.7 g/kg of protein now, 70 g carbs/day and the rest comes from fat,including FFAs, taking my vitamin supplements, zinc etc. I will be done with my 6-week mild steroid cycle in three weeks and plan to lower protein intake from 2.7 to 2.0 g/kg… The question is: if I have approached the point at which I stopped losing fat with T-Dawg dieting, what should I do to boost up the fat loss again? Is it possible that I am gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time? I am at 12 kCal/pound now and when I lost all that fat and water I was at 9-9.5 kCal/pound… btw. I’ve been using German Body Comp training… Thanks.

George I am probably going to get my nuts cut off for saying this, but… When I first started to lift I had a 44 in waist. I fell for Body for life and went from a 44 down to a 36. NOW I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO USE BFL!
But my point is my weight only went down about 10 pounds. If I were you I would not care about wieght as it has many variables, water, bones, muscle and fat. Get your body fat test at your gym. Get it measured once a month to monitor progress. The reason your weight loss has stopped might be because you are gaining muscle while losing fat. Also if you have been on the German body comp for a long time, you might want to try a new workout. Just my 2 cents

You see, I am 26 and I’ve been a fat fuck my whole life due to “healthy” dietary habits of my parents. I had 125 kg since I was like 15. One year ago I started sheep dieting (low fat high carb lots of cardio) and dropped 56 kg, I had 69 and looked like walking death. I started eating everything in sight and using anabolics, so I went up to 108 kg of muscle, water and fat. In the first five weeks of cutting I dropped 18 kgs of water and fat, so I have 89-90 kg now. The problem is that I can’t monitor my progress because I have a lot of excessive skin, especially around waist, I literally have two size bigger skin… since my scale has been showing the same numbers for 5-6 weeks, I am afraid my fat loss is stalled. Any ideas how to boost it again? Tnx.