Fat Loss Journey Making Me Fat

I have recently, in the last 6 months, recovered from a micro tear in my left bicep tendon. Lots of rehab and laser therapy. I am back lifting the same weights utilizing a 6-day split (chest/tri, back/bi, leg/shoulder, repeat). I am on TRT @ 100 mg twice a week with 1 mg anastrozole twice a week. I have been on a calorie deficit diet (10k-12k per week), watching carbs and sugar intake while trying to get in 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

I am 6’4, 243 pounds., I started at 284lbs (42" waist), dropped to 228 and 36" waist. Since training, I am now up to 243, I eat clean, no alcohol. I carry weight around my waist (love handles, belly) and am genetically prone to moobs and underarm fat. These have diminished only slightly with my current weight training program. I need to cut down to a lean 225. I have considered moving to 4 sets of 10-12 reps from the 12,10,8,6,4 (progressively increasing weights).

I am looking for a dry, cut look. I have considered multiple stacks of either Peptides, SARMS, or anabolics. Do not know which way to go. Free test is 75, bioavailability 154, total test is 800. I have looked at Primobolan to aid in my efforts. I need guidance on a stack to help lose the extra fat with a defined, clean look and a workout program to match. I am 52 years old and am in the gym religiously 6 days a week. Any guidance is appreciated by me, and my wife who is 11 years my younger. I am new to this site, so if this has been discussed and I have missed it, please point me in the right direction.

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I would split your post into different places.

  1. TRT/Hormone levels: Pharma Section
    I’d post this stuff in that forum (create a new topic), it has several knowledgeable people regarding TRT etc (helped me with my knowledge!). I would say being on 200mg is really high for TRT, especially if you need an estrogen counterpart. When you post, if you can add your recent blood work. And I would really not add more “stuff”…


This forum…keep it to nutrition/training. Log your daily training/conditioning/cardio/nutrition; even for 2-4 weeks to see what’s going on.

  1. Given you got to 228lbs with a 36" waist, 225 may not meet your standard for lean. I’d avoid setting a random lb number and instead set a visual goal. I learned this the hard way myself…chasing the scale is a losing game that forces you down stupid paths to drive through number down. (ie for you it’s more and more drugs…for me it was less and less food).

  2. Can you post training from last week, with the weights used?
    No one should be training 6 days a week…(I also did that, so not judging); especially not in a deficit. Do you prefer strength based workouts, or the atypical bro split medium rep workouts?

  3. Can you post your nutrition by day for last week? Do you have it set weekly, or is it “by feel”?

  4. Can you post your conditioning and cardio plan?

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You are 10,000-12,000 calories deficit weekly? ~1,400-1,700cals deficit daily? How are you measuring this? What exactly are you eating daily? What foods, and what quantity?

Your training has little to do with losing weight. Diet is the ultimate goal here.

You need to increase your deficit, not your drugs. Drugs will not help you here, you’re already on TRT.

How many minutes of cardio are you doing daily?


congrats on your progress

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measure your fasting insulin. many are metabolically unhealthy due shitty diet (seed oils/processed sugars/foods)
that will give you an indication where you are at. I am not buying this BS of calories in/out.
I’m 6.3 / 238lbs or so right now. lost 10lbs of fat in the last 3-4 months, doing mostly meat/low carb. (with some carb cycling on occasion)
I would limit my evening calories. i tried various peptides - waste of money IMHO.
see what diet works for you. carnivore is great if you just look for cutting fat.
if your fasting insulin is high, consider adding some berberine around your meals to help with glucose metabolism.
not sure depressing e2 with an AI is a good idea either.

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Care to do some reading?

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well they all were in a calorie deficit, and they all lost weight. anything else I missed here. the author of this post, is in a calorie deficit and does not loose weight?

here is an interesting study

interesting article by Dave Asprey (a bit crazy guy) explaining this;

there is no mention what type of foods they ate, and there is no keto group either

You nailed it.

I think this part needs more attention than insulin resistance. The result of that study is that calories in vs calories out is still king.

I read and have already posted it in my article/video dump.

I wouldn’t be resorting to Time Magazine as a fitness source of information.

stumbled by accident this AM, but another good snippet by Ben Bikman (at 25:44, not sure why embedding doesn’t start playing at that time) why calorie in/out needs to be re-evaluated, especially if you looking to loose some stubborn fat and stalled.

Unless these two are suggesting an alternative that will guarentee an outcome of lower bodyfat levels, the answer is… make your deficit deeper.

If they have a solution that will let me lose fat while at 3200 cals daily, I’d welcome it. Something tells me that is not going to happen.

I think we all agree that a deficit is key. the question is if different macros (higher fat/lower carb) while maintaining protein at the magical 1.5-2g/lbs body weight would provide a different result for you. + the quality of the food (avoiding seed oils/processed stuff), how sustainable it is for you etc.

Thank you for you response.

Monday - Chest/Tri
Flat Bench 4x10
Incline DB 4x10
Decline 3x8
High cable fly 3x10
Low cable fly 3x10
v-bar pushdowns 3x10
single over db extension 3x10
Reverse grip pushdown 3x10
dips 3 sets to exhaustion
Dips 3 sets to exhaustion

Tuesday - Back/bi
Bent-over BB rows 4x8-10
Lat pull-down 3x10
DB Rows 3x10
low pulley rows 3x10
Straight-arm pull-down 3x10
EZ bar curl 4x10
DB hammer curls 3x10
Incline machine curls 3x10
Overhead cable curls (light weight) 4x12

Wednesday - Legs/shoulders
Hammer Strength machine squats 4x10
DB Romanian Deadlift 3x10
Single leg lying leg press 3x10
Seated leg extensions 3x10
Lying leg Curls 3x10
Standing Calfs 4x12
Seated calfs 4x10
Barbell front shoulder press 4x10
Front db raises 3x10
Side db raises 3x10
bent over db raises 3x10
Face pulls 3x10
DB Shrudg 4x12

Repeat Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Active rest on Sunday.

Have not been incorporating cardio. Keeping an average HR of 112 during the entire workout. Usually takes about 75-90 minutes a day for workouts. Mornings at 0500.

Nutrition: Intake 53 grams Whey isolate protein mixed with sugar free almond milk x 3 a day. Lean meat, 6-8 ounces at dinner with a vegetable or sometime 1/2 cup of rice. 25 grams blended protein at night before bed.

Total protein around 230 grams daily with no sugar and carbs <50 g daily.

Still have the small amount of fat around mid-section and chest/underarms.

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I have been using MFP for tracking calories, nutrients and macros as well as an Apple watch on weight-lifting and heartrate. I also just started intermittent fasting 16/8.

Just had labs and blood work done I will share in Pharma Section once I get results.

Thanks everyone for all the comments and literature.

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Thank you! I am up to 239 now, but I believe it muscle since waist size has not changed.

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High protein and low carb is what I am currently following. It’s hard to take in that much protein, even in liquid/ powder form.

Thank you. Just had labs drawn yesterday with a 12 hour fast. Waiting on results. Have been and will continue to stay high protein and low carb. I will look into the berberine.

We may need a picture to really understand. You may be going for a look that would be difficult to achieve at 30 years old.

I don’t really trust internet measurements, but 6’4", 240 lbs with a 36" waist is good if the measurements (the waist one particularly) are accurate.

good luck man! i would just advice to stay the fuck away from ozempic/semaglutide. I met a good buddy who is like 15% BF and juices ozempic to ‘get rid of love handles’. and also feels like shit

I’ve heard that jacks with your entire system. If you’re not a diabetic already, you might end up being one!