Convince my Conspiracy Friend That "Big Pharma" Isn't Poisoning TRT

Hey all, I’ve got a weird request but my friend is paranoid about big pharma trying to poison vials of testosterone cyp from the pharmacy to get rid/slowly kill men with high testosterone. He’s one of those anti Covid vaxx guys that’s scared that there’s a big depopulation/sterility plan going on.

How I can reassure him that this is totally irrational and it wouldn’t even make sense for pharma to do this in the first place? Like… they’d just put it in tylenol or something lol

You cannot. But have fun with it. Remember conspiracy is the refuge of the dispossessed; rationality and logic don’t exist. That can be freeing in a way


what if he is right?


How would that make any sense? I’m not a pharmacologist but maybe someone else can weigh in here but hypothetically if they’re adding in new components to their dosing (to get whatever poison in their formulation) they literally have to change their test cyp formula and put it through trials again. I use Pfizer/Hospira and their formulation is the same as its been for years. Like if you’re worried that the mRNA vaccines are unsafe - and I don’t disagree with you entirely, I think they were 100% rushed to market - if they were going to use the same method to poison other people they’d have to remake the test cyp into an mRNA delivery vehicle.

Again, I’m just a layman here but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Kind of like when big pharma pushed the narrative and scientific articles that said opiates were not addictive?

That Big Pharma?


I really don’t put anything passed the richest companies in the world that will make them more money or push their agenda.

I don’t see how poisoning TRT would make them more money unless they are adding in things that require more drugs to address the added side effects.


Cos the “trials” don’t exist, and the pharma companies are all owned by the communist cabal, or whatever it is. It’s a fugazi.

What I don’t get is the men using TRT are low-T betas anyway, it would make more sense to just keep them that way than to poison them. Who cares about absolute control of a population if you’re killing them off and left with no one to control?


Maybe that’s “their agenda”! Big Pharma is in bed with Big Poison and they made a deal to slowly kill off the guys taking TRT to help push Big Poison Profits!

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Very possible! sarcasm

They aren’t doing too good of a job though. We still have billions of people.

Come on already - get it together Big Pharma.


A lot of these anti-vaxxer’s most likely grew up in a home with untrustworthy parents, are rebels and difficult, stubborn people. It’s almost like their in a cult.

Why not just poison the water supply, way more efficient than the minority of men on TRT, don’t you think?

Years ago I had a neighbor who was a previous meth head, got himself and wife clean for the baby, but regularly smoked weed, couldn’t stand the smell, and his friends also smoked weed.

They all believed, outrageous things, like the planes that struck the twin towers was remote controlled by the government and the president was in on it.

These people are sick, your friend needs help.

tell him to skip pharmacies and order from UGL. unlikely that UG labs have the capacity to poison the T vials with MRNA packets. Also, compounding pharmacies are probably safer then lets say pfizer T. i would not ever take any shit from pfizer. on a side note those MRNA vaxxes are really poison. i would expect most people who got it will be in some trouble


Wouldn’t UGL be way more susceptible to being poisoned though? There’s no testing, there’s no pageantry of having to run trials, there’s minimal accountability, they could easily get compromised by massive $$$$ or threats of law enforcement/violence and you’d never know. Or even get hacked + impersonated.

It seems like with pharma “oopsies” there is always plausible deniability with all of their controversies and they have to at least keep up the appearance of going through regulations/the process & making a good faith effort. Way more likely to have breaks in the chain for whistleblowers, leaks, etc. like we saw with the vaccine. I haven’t seen any whistleblowers about poisoned T. Just seems like way more checks and balances are necessary with doing it above board, plus with how trannies are coddled now you just know even the most misanthropic blue haired scientist would love to virtue signal on how they exposed that their company was trying to kill the trannies taking HRT to feed their savior complex.

Idk, I take my T from Hospira (which was bought by pfizer last decade) and haven’t had any problems.

I think you’re probably right for a small percentage of the population about the vaccines though, I think any side effects are because they were rushed to market because pharma only saw $$$$ but that’s a debate for another thread.

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Exactly. Even trying to would be like pissing in the wind.

My advice to your paranoid friend is to avoid all pharmaceutical products whenever possible. He will sleep better at night, plus have a good story when you come down with an incapacitating disease. And start his own thread.

I, for one, am surprised anyone would bother to care what your paranoid friend thought about what he was afraid to put in his body. Now, if it is actually your fear, that’s another question. If so, my answer is don’t take it.


Oh yeah, one UGL lab gets busted by the Feds, but in that dark police interrogation room an unremarkable, un-rememberable man comes in, sits down, and says “let’s make a deal. You poison the 15 guys that buy gear from you, but slowly like, don’t want to draw attention. And we’ll pretend this little event never happened. You ready to play ball?”

Bam! Little UGL guy is now a tool of big government (or big pharma)

Is it possible, and just hear me out here, that these companies do actually want to create something that helps ppl? Or at least that they THINK will help ppl, after rigorous testing and trials. Or is everyone as greedy and unscrupulous as some think they are?

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Lol now that the covid vaccine was brought up I know there is some clue less bias in here. The “orange man bad” kind of bias.

Please anyone in this thread I welcome for you to justify the vaccine being made mandatory.

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The covid vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting the virus, it doesn’t stop you from spreading the virus, it also comes with its own complications and side effects including possible death and cardiac issues.

To prevent any worsening symptoms or death from covid, even then it’s minimal at best if you are even just an average person.


Not a vaccine. It is a COVID shot. Ya know, like the Flu shot?


Nothing like putting it out there in plain view. Haha.


overall they convinced enough sheeple to take this shit. to poison non-vaxx injections would be a big undertaking and not worth the efforts IMO. also the risk of leaks etc is too big.
as much as I am convinced that the c19 vaxx is a bioweapon (and most vaxxes are poison anyways) this goes definitely a step too far

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Communism and profit is an oxymoron

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