Doing the fat fast.
Getting about 190g protein, 1 tablespoon flax & 1 myoplex after training (So about 40g carbs daily tops-including hidden carbs in meat and Protein powders)
at 250lbs I am getting about 1200 cals a day & agfter 4 days I am not showing ketones on the keto stix!?!?! WHY?!?!?
And I am on 2,500mg test a week with clomid!

Easy one. Did you use the sticks to check your blood sugar levels before you started. You checked you wer’nt diabetic. If not, get diastiks and check now. If you have any insulin insensivity problems you will have to use drugs to reduce the sugar level. Metformin works so to of course does injected insulin. I happen to do both. Any comments.

If you consume less than 100 g of carbs per
day you are in ketosis, period. What the
ketostix are telling you is NOT that you
are not in ketosis. They are unable to
determine that.

They can show that you ARE in ketosis but
cannot show you are not.

It is really unimportant whether ketones
appear in the urine or not and it would
be to the advantage of keto dieters to
completely forget the things and pay no
attention to them whatsoever. In this
application, they are nothing but a toy
that is often misinterpreted.

Short version: if you are consuming less than 100 g carbs per day, you are in ketosis and don’t worry that there are no ketones in the urine. That’s common, normal, and every bit
as good as having ketones in the urine.

Bill is 100% correct. You only see urinary
ketones if they spillover into the urine and
that only happens if the body is not using them
as an energy source.

If you take in under 100g/day of carbs you’re
in ketosis and a blood test would show this.

If you’re concerned, buy a glucometer and
see where your blood glucose level is.

If it is under 60-65, you’re all set!!!