Fat Burner: MD6 or T2-Pro?

I was thinking about getting a fat burner to burn that “last little bit of fat” around my abs. I am 6’1, 175ish (slim). I am thinking about using a fat burner in December to eliminate that annoying layer and then hit the gym hard in Jan/etc. with Mag-10 and the Growth Surge Project. Any suggestions?


I’m sort of in the same slim boat. I was 6’2", 190. a little more than a week ago. I started the t-dawg diet and meltdown training and I’m down to about 179. I’ve been taking Nandrosol & T2, and when the ropework part of meltdown begins I’m going to throw in some Methoxy7. I already feel leaner and I should be where I want to be when I get to 170ish. The Nandro is definately helping retain muscle, I actually feel like I’m gaining some even though I’m lifting pretty light. Yeah I can’t wait to try Mag10 myself, but I’m not going to make the mistake of starting a bulking cycle when I already have too much fat on again. Anyways for more info on meltdown/t-dawg check out the previous issues… I think those’re #173 & #138, respectively. Alright, good luck dude. -ryan

Eric, you didn’t say if you had a specific diet in mind or not. I would recommend MD6 especially if you do a low carb diet (i.e. T-Dawg) because it will kill your cravings for carbs. MD6 is very powerful (IMHO) so it is good value for money 'cause one bottle should last at least a month.

Thanks for the replies guys. I am gonna do a low carb diet, but not exactly sure what. I’ll check into the two ideas you guys gave. I ordered some Tribex-500 and some MD6. I figure that will work for December, then will start the Growth Surge with Mag-10 and then Tribex-500 for recovery weeks. I would add in some Methoxy7 but wanna get the budget kinda tight, so will try the program without it and see what happens.

Thanks again…