Fat ass training

Whats up T-Men? I need some training ideas. Heres the scenario. Two of my buds just joined the gym to train with me. One of them is about 6’ 320lbs and hasn’t done any exercise in about 3 years since he stopped playing college football. The other is about 5’ 11" and 240lbs,
he hasn’t done any exercise since I’ve known him and thats about 10 years. Both of them have shitty diets, although they are trying to correct that. My queston is what would be the best training method to start them with. They’re major concern is weight loss with some muscle development. Doing any form of pull-up or dip is out of the queston at this point. Any of you fellow T-Men have a suggestion?

I say you get them on a consistent core free weight program (fuck machines). Like 3 circuits a week (keep it simple for lazy fat asses): Bench,Squat,Shoulder press,dumbell curls (seated with the back up to keep them from cheating), lat pull. Have them do this for about 3 months CONSISTENTLY before you throw on the diet plans & more complex ideas - if you give it to them all at once you’ll lose them.

The first thing you need to worry about is their core abs lower back. mostly for injury prevention, then I would go for a low rest circut type lifting.

well try this mon, wed, & friday is weights. do it as follows mon - chest,shoulders,tris, tues- cardio, wed-legs and abs, thurs-cardio, fri-back and bis, weekends off. it may sound rough but hey u gotta condition yourself for it. and by the way they sounds they are really out of shape so this routine has gotta kick their ass. this will give them the most out of doing weights and cardio will definetly help with weight loss. dieting is the most important part so make sure they dont eat shit. just my two cents, good luck. i highly recommend this one.

Really fat people have a hard time doing ab work. I’ve seen some monsters (men & women) struggling like hell to do situps and crunches. Their bellies actually prevent them from closing the distance between their ribs and pelvis so they fight to lift themselves with their hip flexors. Also, their ab muscles have less leverage if distended so its even worse. I’d get them on a keto diet and try to get some fat off first.

Lots of good ideas here. Since they are not paying you and a paying client usually will do whatever you say, 'cause I don’t give 'em their money back; Here is what I suggest: #1 First week easy on everything (1-2 sets only, not to failure) except cardio, let them dictate the pace. #2 week two pick up the volume (3 sets)#3 week three going to near failure #4 Day one print up a glycemic index of foods. They can eat whatever they want, as long as it is under 50 on the chart. #5 After they get a month or two under their belts, move on to the following: BODZ 10 EASY STEPS TO LOSE FAT #1 eat a low fat diet. #2 Add 3TB of flax oil daily. #3 Add 15 fish oil caps or equivelent (15g) of fish oil from salmon (approx. 4 oz)daily. #4 Get 20-30 grams of fiber daily. #5 drink a gallon or more of pure water daily. #6 Only eat carbs that are rated 50 or less on the glycemic index #7 No alcohol #8 after three weeks, eat a cheat meal every 5-7 days. #9 You can have wine or vodka in your cheat meal. #10 If you are getting leaner and doing well, you can have a cheat day instead of a cheat meal. Good luck.

I think Bodz and jdmiami are right on the mark. Keep the lifting at a level that will constantly keep at least some part of them sore, but not so intense as to intimidate, discourage, or physically obliterate them. Cardio will help with these guys, and getting them started right off the bat with a HEALTHY diet is so smart. People will write in and suggest throwing them on a low-carb diet because all of us who read this forum know it’s the fastest way…but remember these guys are beginners and just switching to a healthy diet alone will really do the trick. Throwing all of the hard-core shit we talk about here at them would be counterproductive this early. My only suggestion, especially since they aren’t paying you, is to instill in them a desire to go out and educate themselves about how to improve their bodies. When you tell them to do something, tell them why it works as well (don’t get TOO Berardi on their asses)…this works well for me in getting the people I work with to the point where they can take care of themselves. It helps every once in a while to give 'em a little pep talk to help them get hooked on how awesome it is to feel better about yourself.