Fast twich fibers/slow fibers, whats the deal?

i read that article on both fibers, and if you’re what they call a “gifted” bodybuilder. I would put myself into a beginner group in bodybuilding, since i’ve only been training for like 8 months, with pretty good gains, but is there a specific thing to do or get to find out if your fast twitch, or slow twitch?? I was an athlete most of my life, soccer for 8 years, hockey for 3, but currently i’m not. I’m 18 right now. I seen some people mentioning being sprinters, does that mean your automatically fast twitch?? how exactly can you find out, cause i’m not sure about myself, but i’m guessing i’m fast twitch, cause i don’t respond as much to high reps low sets, then to heavy lifting and low reps. But if your say a slow twitch person, can you still get good results and a good pyhsique?? anyone help, thanks.

Do you make strength gains easy? Do you have a standing vertical jump of over 32 inches? Have you been a fast runner all your life? If you answer yes to these questions then your a fast twitch person. Regardless, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to making gains. My belief is that total number of muscle cells is much more important then muscle fiber type. You can be fast twitch like me and still not have many total muscle cells and struggle like hell making gains.