Fast Abs

I know this is off topic from the usual topics talked about in this magazine but I figured I would give it a shot. I’ve always wanted to get a flatter stomach, but never had the will-power to stick with the regimen to get it done. I’ve come across the Fast Abs equipment that is being sold on tv. Anyone have any information about if it works? Is it possible that Electronic Muscle Stimulation will give a good enough workout as the old fashioned situps and other excercises to work the abdominals? I heard its possible to tear muscles with this equipment also. That if you go to high of an intensity for a long period of time on the muscles, that is is possible to tear the muscle. Any truth in this?! Any information is much appreciated.

Oh my god-you cannot be serious. Don’t waste your time with these products. The most important part of improving your abs is fat loss. Watch your diet and increase your activity level, and forget the stupid quick fix contraptions. The day I ask a stupid question like this is the day that I kick my own ass!


You know what, its people like you that they market those kind of products for. LAZY.

I want to beat the shit out of every person on that stupid commercial. You however are merely uniformed so don’t feel bad. Electronic muscle stimulation according to Charlie Francis is very effective, not for fat loss though. The kicker is this machine isn’t even capable of the correct protocols for optimal effects(according to charlie’s methodology). Again it’s fat loss to see abs. You must be new to t-mag? :slight_smile:

Charlie Francis is a huge advocate for Ems, but I do not think that the fast abs will have enough strength. or enough contraction time. Charlie says that 10 seconds is optimal. He also said that don’t knock it until you try it. It target white fibers before red fibers. this is good for helping speed and power. So I don’t think that fast abs will work but a good ems machine will help. The effects will platue very quickly and should only be used 3 times a year. but it has shown up to 20% strenght gains over a short period of time. It can provide a 30% more powerful contraction than any volentary muscle contraction. So all of you guys that say it is bull shit take it up with the best sprint coach that every lived…

OK, I recently bought one of these EMS machines, although not for strength training - I got it more to help rehab some back muscle that’s been giving me problems, with the idea that I could use it for some aid in recovery time and with the slight possibility that it could help in maintaining muscle in areas that I’ve particularly chosen not to train for a bit (my chest is too big relative to the rest of me). This is a pretty high end machine, and I can adjust contraction/relaxation time, strength and signal frequency. So here’s the question: what is the appropriate signal frequencies for a “maintenance” routine, and does anybody know the frequencies that were used in Charlie Francis’s study?