I know that sos. 250 is widley counterfitted on the black market, but what are the chances of buying fake sos. 250 in tijauna mexico.

The chance is very low, especially if you get the redijects. I would definitely go with the redijects besides the counterfeiting issue, they are a lot more convenient to use.

There is NO fake sos in the redijects which is what you should get. It costs more to fake the redijects than it does to sell you the real thing. I take a trip once a week and do the redijects (1g) and it does work. use the search on your internet and look up sustanon 250 it will show you a picture of what the redijects looks like and explain alot. good luck.

I’ve never seen a problem with the sustenon preloads in TJ. The counterfits of this product are more an issue on the U.S. side of the border.