Fake sustanon?

I recently acquired some Organon brand sustanon 250(Pakistan)and put an amp in the freezer to test for legitimacy. According to the book “Anabolics 2000” if the amp doesn’t get cloudy the sustanon isn’t real. Well mine didn’t get cloudy. Furthermore, the box it came in had a registered trademark symbol above the Sustanon 250 heading, which doesn’t appear in the picture of the legitimate box in the book. The source where I got this gear from was recommended on steroidworld.com, where they claim you’ll never get scammed from one of their sources because all of their sources are tested and proven to be legitimate. I wrote steroidworld.com an e-mail explaining what happened and they wrote me back saying the freezer test is not accurate and assured me the source was legit and the gear was real. Does anyone know how accurate this freezer test is? Should I just write them off as fakes?

I got some of the same gear. I think its real but I am not sure because I am using some other gear right now so don’t know if its that or not. But it is the only Androgen I am using right now and I do feel an increase in sex drive.

Let me know.


my guess is that your gear is real. if s-world is saying that your supplier is legit, he probably is. if you have AIM, my screenname is Superman5981. give me a holler.