extra skin

Hey, I’ve only been bodybuilding for about a year now, before this I was a lineman and needless to say I was FAT, I’ve lost 80 pounds and I’m looking great, but I have some extra skin in some places that just kinda sits there, Can anyone offer any advice. I’m also looking to get on some Pro Hormones and I’d like to know what has worked best for those of you who have used them. thanks

Dude, the only thing I can think of is a tummy tuck or some similiar procedure. That sucks but there is no way to get rid of extra skin. Stay away from pro hormones, try androsol if anything. That is decent. Maybe you could juice and add 60 pounds of muscle to fill out the fat!

What’s up from an ex lineman too. I have the same damn prob. I lost about 6 in off my waist and still look fat. the only way to get rid of it is a tummy tuck. It will run you about $8K, but I think it is worth the money. Down time varies, my Dr. told me it would be at least a month before I could lift again. I am planning on having one done sometime early next year. Don’t try and add 60 pounds of muscle to fill it up, you would just look like a bloated goat.
As for pro hormones, Androsol is the only thing that I have found to be effective. I am on my 3 day of 2nd cycle. Before I used it I was @ 240. I am now up to 252.
Hope this helped.

Why is it that bodybuilders that bulk up so much don’t appear to have extra skin? Or do you have to pick up a hell of an amount of fat for this to happen?

80 pounds is alot of weight to lose. It is possible for your skin to tighten up somewhat depending on your age but it will take time. I would stay as lean as possible and see how it goes over the next year and then consider surgery. If you were real heavy for a long period of time, the longer it will take to tighten up. Four years ago, I bulked up to 255 for a few months and then dieted down to a shredded 180. I had a little loose skin but it tightened up as I gradually gained weight again.