Exercise Idea

I thought of an exercise today to try in the gym. take chains and hang them in the power rack from the pins so that they come within inches of the floor. On the end attach those handles that people use on the pulley machines for one handed exercises. So now you will have what looks like rings hanging close to the ground. Now take one in each hand and do pushups on them with your feet elevated. I suspect this will causes a fair bit of soreness due to the free moving nature of the rings.
anyway, if anyone tries this, post your thoughts.

My God!!! I don’t think that I could walk into my gym with a couple of chains without drawing some attention. Probably the same reaction the guy got who was sitting in our patient reception area with a axe in his hand. If it works for you bro - more power to ya.

Hey Yo, if I ever ask you to design a workout for me, DON’T! That sounds brutal especially if feet were on a swiss ball. I dare someone to try it!! cause I’m too much of a soft cock to give it a go myself.

Yo Yo, don’t mean to burst your bubble, but Westside do these, they described it on the “Bench Press Secrets” video, but they don’t really talk about it on any website. Either way, it looks nasty, try it and tell us what you think.

Wouldn’t medicine balls be just as effective but a whole lot safer for the very instable shoulder joint? The effectiveness of that exercise (and cost) would be far outweighed by the potential injury risks.

very similar to Larry Scott’s famous–maybe not so famous–Ring Flyes. There is a preparatory exercise called dumbbell rollouts that are also very intriguing. Place to DBs on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Grasp 'em with a neutral grip. Extend your legs behind you like you were doing a pushup. Roll the DBs out to the sides by spreading your arms till you’re spread eagled (dirty bastards). Now bring them back to the starting position. This is from Anabolic Muscle Mass. I also have the description for Ring Flyes. Never tried either of 'em but gotta imagine they’re hella ruff and tuff.

Potential for risk? Why would these be riskier than more stable, but heavier Benches, Military Presses? I wonder what a shoulder injury rate comparison would show between bench pressers and gymnasts who participate in the rings. Just curious.

Yep…that is a Westside excercise.