Ever tried Bison meat?

I hear this meat is the best you could ever eat. More protein than Beef plus way less calories and very low saturated fat.
Is it expensive? What does it taste like?

You betcha, Slaine! It’s okay, a little tougher than regular beef, but pretty good.

tastes like chicken!!! nah, just kidding, you can buy bison jerky at selected supplement and health shops, just look around, or search the net. really tasty stuff

Aren’t buffalo a threatened/engangered species? Where would you find the meat?

$6 usually gets you 4 burger patties.Most Bison meat is free-range which ia a plus.Don’t cook for to long. Ostrich is pretty good too.

Twenty yrs ago I worked at a lodge in South Dakota for the summer, and we were fed bison meat daily. Love it. Tastes like regular beef. NO, buffalo are NOT and an endangered species. There are private bison ranches in several states which raise the buffs for food. Those that roam the National Parks and other govt. lands are the protected ones. Bison is considered an “exotic” meat, which means it is quite expensive. I used to live in Salt Lake, and buffalo meat would appear in the grocery stores a few times a yr, and quickly sell out. There is a company in Denver and one in Wyoming that sell the meat, unfortunately I can’t remember the names. A net search would probably turn something up. At any rate, it’s good eatin. The Plains Indians, of course knew this!

I’ve found it in organic food stores fairly regularily, but there are quite a few bison farms up here (Alberta, Canada). I like it, but it is a little pricy for everyday. A little over $20/lb for steaks. Considering a breeding animal goes for $30k, I guess it isn’t suprising. What a lot of farmers here are doing is selling beefalo. They breed their bison to a bull. The meat is still quite lean, and is a lot cheaper (only half and again beef). All prices in Canadian funds. From what I have been reading, anything grass fed will be better for you than typical supermarket fare.

Venison is probably just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper. You just go out and shoot the thing.

The copper/zinc refinery in my town had a test herd of buffalo on their property for years. The point was to prove that the waste they produced wasn’t really toxic. Anyway, they culled the herd frequently and sold the meat to local restaurants. Very lean, dark colour and dense texture, less gamey than venison. Good stuff.

Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone else ever tried Yak? That’s one tasty animal!

In my opinion Bison meat is better than beef. It is a little pricey but it is also better for you.

Bison, never tried… venison… too small and only in season certain times… wanta good meat to keep you going for a while? try to bag a moose. Huge animal, meat is lean and awesome. Bag a moose and you won’t need to buy meat for many months

I ate rattle snake a few times. My dad had a propensity for killing critters on the farm. Tastes like chicken.
I hoping to get some bison soon. Someone told me there’s a local place that sells it.

  1. No, Bison is not endangered.
  2. Cooking it properly will result in a product that is equal or better than the finest beef tenderloin.
  3. I haven’t tried the nuts, but I hear some people in Calgary are into that oyster thing.
  4. 50 % of the hunters in Alberta come up here from the U.S. to bag deer and other game, so as always, practice conservation techniques.
  5. Where’s da bison?

Big Willie:

I usually get 70-90 pounds of meat off the whitetail deer that I kill given that it is a descent size buck. 70 pounds of meat is a lot of meat. Put it in your freezer and just defrost what you need.

Beefalo jerky is the best jerky I’ve ever tasted!!!

Someone once told me that Moose was lower in protein that beef …please tell me they were full of shit???

The stuff tastes so damn good …especially considering it’s the world’s UGLIEST animal - Swamp Donkeys we call them …

JasonL - yes 70 lbs of meat is a lot, until you have the boys over for the post-hunt BBQ. then all of a sudden it’s 50 lbs. Around home, people often give away meat to friends who didn’t get their deer. But more than anything, I prefer moose meat far over deer. What about you? deer or moose? I like the leanness and milder taste of moose.

Is pretty tasty, usually twice the price of an equivalent cut of beef. Central Market in Houston carries it regularly, is ground though. Place out of San Antonio has a herd, claim they “field harvest” and that makes the meat better, less stress on the animal apparantly.

For those wondering, “field harvest” means walk out in the pasture with a .45/70, and nonchalantly drop one.


I never had moose but I guess I’m going to have to try some. Where did you get your moose from? Did you get it hunting or did you order it? I like venison too but sometimes it does have a little wild taste.

“practice conservation techniques, please.”

Well duh. The RCMP catches you hunting without the proper tags they drag you into the gestappo interrogation room and sodomize you with a broomstick.

(Well, okay, they just fine you and take your kill away, but I’ve heard of people ending up in prison for it.)