Ergogen - Pyruvate, Androplex, etc.

I just started training at this club and they want me to try and sell their line of supplements that they carry. Naturally, this line of supps ain’t that great. Most of their stuff is worthless. I could care less but I do make 10% on everything I sell. One supplement they adovacate is Pyruvate 1000 for fat loss. I have little knowledge on this and I suspect its because it sucks. I remember reading about it a couple of years ago but I haven’t heard much lately. Another supplement is Androplex Lozenges. I’ve read a little about it and it seems okay but what is absorption rate with this type of supp? Other supplements they’re big on contain Ma Huang, Chromium Pinicolinate, DHEA. I feel like saying, “Don’t any of that stuff, just get some MD6, Power Drive, Low-Carb Grow and you’ll be set.” Only problem is I get paid for selling supplements. Any 411 on these supplements/company or advice on what I should do is much appreciated.

Hey!! I work at GNC and am working towards a B.S. Nutritional science…I can help you as best as I can. Pyruvate…a good idea but overall doesn’t work for most. To really be effective one needs to take 3-6g/day and sice pills are usually sold in 250-500mg…it’s worthless. As you suspected. The ma huang is the herbal form of ephedrine…good stuff…it’s found in american ripped fuel and xendardine. In combo with caffeine and willow bark (Asprin) you got your variation of the ECA stack. Great for fat loss. NOt great for people with high blood presseure, or on antidepressants. They stimulate the CNS and cause raise in body temp, heart rate, and nervousness. like speed… Picolinte is just a good form of chromium that abosrbs well and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels… not much in the way of fat loss but may reduce carb cravings…thatts about it!!