Erection Problems

If an individual is 75 and being administered 250mg of testosterone per month as well as taking 2000mg of Yohimbi in capsule form a day yet still suffers erection problems, is there other possible causes of this dysfunction?

What would you recommend one do? Supplements etc…

Hi, Well if your testerone levels are within normal limits now, and you find your partner appealing, then it sounds like a blood flow problem. Do you have any history of diabetes or heart disease? The Yohimbe has vasodilating effects, but the over the counter stuff is not really that strong.I would recommend Viagra (interesting how much that sounds like virago- if you don’t know what a virago is look it up it’ll give you a chuckle)if you aren’t on any nitrates, Viagra should work great for you.Just ask Mr Hefner-by the way I know 45 yr olds who take it,so you are doing pretty well. It has some mild side effects so check with your M.D. first.

There are many other possible causes.

However, 250 mg/month is inadequate both
in total amount per month, and frequency
of injection. In other words, the third
and fourth weeks after your monthly injection,
almost all of the previous injection is gone
and not doing you any good anymore. Your
doctor should try 100 mg/week and verify
results with blood tests, and should be
aiming for the middle of the normal range,
not aiming to get you at the bottom of the
barrel which is what the current program
might do, at best, a couple of weeks out
of the month.

I would discontinue the yohimbine herbal.
At your age, the risk to the heart exceeds
the benefits if any it may have with
regards to sexual performance (for some
there is a benefit and for others there
is none – it depends on the cause of the

If yohimbine is appropriate, obtain
a prescription for it… my expectation
however is that your doctor will consider
it unwise. The herbal is even less safe
because the amount of yohimbine may vary
drastically and unpredicably, and furthermore there are other alkaloids
in there that can add toxicity without
adding therapeutic benefit.

If you are able to obtain at least a partial
erection, Viagra is far and away your best
option, after normalizing testosterone levels
as described above.