Ephedra banned

 A law has been passed which will make it ilegal to sell or purchase ephedra-conatining products without a prescription, in the coming months.

 Anyone else hate these 2-brain-cell idiots whining because they almost dies after overdosing on ephedra?

 Sons of bitches. Whats next? Banning protein because some son of a bitch though takin in 15 g/lb body weight was the way to go and had renal problems? 

 The government works for the people, and only for the people. People are free to do whatever in the hell they want, and the governments ONLY job is to keep them from hurting each other or being hurt by somebody else.

 At this pace we'll have the government dictate what we eat 50 years from now - after all does a bad diet not cause more deaths every year than drugs? Does a bad diet not lead to heart problems which is the leading cause of death in the US?

 IF they think we THE PEOPLE, dont have the responsibility to make our own decisions, then is it not logical our diets will one day be restricted and policed over by the government? 

 Freedom involves risk at all times. The freedom for me to cross a street involves a risk I might be hit by an oncoming car I didnt see. It's part of the responsibility you assume with such freedom.
 So, too should you be able to use ephedra at your will, and assume responsibility for the risk you take when using it.

 There's only so far the government should ever go, because at some point protecting the people means putting them all in jail so nothing wil ever happen to them and to protect themselves from ...themselves. It's ridicculous.

 Is there anyway to find out who voted for the bill in my state? Do they get elected through people's votes?

I still wonder what the ideological justification for banning everything under the is. I always believed that in a true democracy, the job of the government is to preserve freedoms first and individual security second-- like the famous Ben Franklin quote-- not the other way around. Laws of this sort all seem very Hobbesian to me.

It amazes me that a little supplement that is relatively benign gets banned because of a few ignorant people who don’t know how to read a label, making themselves candidates for the Darwin awards, and smoking is still legal. How much do you think tobacco has cost the nation in medical expenses? How many people die EVERY HOUR from tobacco use compared to the handful of people who have had high-profile deaths related to IMPROPER USE of ephedra? In critical thinking terms, this is called a “fallacious appeal to statistics”. Example. I drove one Jeep Cherokee. It was a lemon. Therefore, ALL Jeeps are lemons. Sorry, this is just a perfect example of some idiot polititian patting himself on the back in public going after an easy prey. Want to impress me? Ban SMOKING! Forget about this ephedra stuff. On the priority list of bad things for you that are legal it is like number 245,000!!!