Ending my cycle (opinions)

I’ve been on T-200 @ 2cc’s for 3 weeks. I will do 1 of 2 things; end my cycle w/ the 4cc’s I have or continue another 7 weeks. Is tapering legit, or should I go straight(2cc’s/wk) through? when coming off, I plan on starting HCG for 2 weeks, beginning 1 week after my last shot. After those 2 weeks 100mg of clomid e/d for 1 week then 50mg e/d for 1 week. the following month tribex @ 6 caps/day. I’ve posted this @ this forum because its got helpfull people that aren’t total juice freeks. Thanks T-men.

anyone have any opinions? Is tapering a good idea, and should I use a longer cycle(12 weeks instead of 6)?

read what Bill Roberts wrote in the thread I started “Timeframe for turning natural.” The question I asked was basically the same.