Elbow Woes

I’m in need of some help, folks. I’m a submission grappler and three months ago I had my left elbow hyperextended. Since then I’ve lost some ROM at both flexion and extension. It’s pretty uncomfortable and is sapping my motivation to train on the mat and in the gym. I’ve tried A.R.T. with little progress and my doctor wants surgery but I would rather not go under the knife unless totally necessary. Any ideas?

What exactly happened to it? Did you tear muscle, tendon, etc.?
You’ve got to tap quicker next time!

The only thing that has helped me with this is isometrics. Try a few of them Rock Iron steel by steve justa type. peace, K

Get Pavels book Super Joints.


Knuckledragger, Rock Iron Steel? Is this the name of an exercise? Tony, I was rolling with a 220 lb beginner who didn’t know that class isn’t the UFC and fell back in an armbar with my already non-flexible 18" arm pinned to his chest. I guess I just sprained the tendons and ligaments in the elbow but my lack of wanting to take a break (jiujitsu guys will understand) has developed some scar tissue.
Greg, does Pavel’s book address already injured joints or is it more preventive?