Brock said something a bout Evista being an anti-estrogen. how good is it? at what dosage is it effective? how does it compare to clomiphene or arimidex?

Raloxifene (Evista) is a drug acting similarly
to tamoxifen and clomiphene, namely being
an estrogen receptor antagonist (blocker)
in some tissues and an estrogen in others,
but differs from them in that it is an
antiestrogen in the uterus and endometrium
while the other two are estrogens. This
is better if women are being treated,
since estrogenic activity in these tissues
can promote cancer.

Whether it is as effective as Clomid at
increase LH is not known. Tamoxifen, for
example, is not, even though it is a very
similar drug.

For use in treating breast cancer, and
I’d suppose for antigyno use (although it
is not the same thing), 60 mg/day is
a dose that is used. The same dose is
used for osteoporosis treatment. So the
potency (efficacy per milligram, which
has nothing to do with the maximal effect
that might be achieved) is in the same
ballpark as Clomid.