ECA.... aspirin really needed?

Hi T-readers,
I would like opinions from people out there that have used the ECA stack. Does it work better with or without the aspirin?

Also, I like to use MD6 and Adipokinetix once and a while. Would adding an aspirin potentiate the fat burning effects of these products?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, JAP

I’ve heard people argue both cases about aspirin. But it leans toward adding it. Apparently (so I’ve read), it makes the C & A work better, and stops the “negative feedback loop” the body fires up to counter this stack. And another thing I came to my own conclusion on, is that the C & A jack up your bloodpressure, so taking an aspirin (thins the blood) should have some effect of bringing it back to normal. Personally, I’ll keep using the stack with the aspirin, and recommend everyone else do too.

I disagree. The asprin only PROLONGS the effect of the E & C. It’s really harsh on your stomach-watch out

I have used the stack many times, and always used aspirin. Recently I hav read that the aspirins isn’t all that great, bad on the stomach. The only upside to it would be that it allows the E&C to last longer, but if you’re taking it 2-3 times a day no reason to make it last longer. My advice would be not to use it. Also look into grapefruits or grapefruit juice, it is supposed to prolong the effect of caffeine by slowing down its breakdown by the liver. I just bought MD6, so don’t know how well it works yet, but if it works well, why even take ECA? Just a question.

First of all I need to correct myself. When I quoted “C & A” in my post below, I meant “C & E”.

I’ll also add that if you have a problem with stomach ulsers(?), the aspirin will most likely make it worse, or so I’ve heard.

Logan - what’s the problem with making the C & E last longer…? [looks perplexed] Personally, when I’m cutting up I’d love to have the thermogenic effects of this stack firing 24 hours a day! The whole point of taking the stack is to increase thermogenisis beyond what can be done with diet and training, to jack it up to the max and keep it up (which is why I down the stack 3 times a day, but not consecutive days), so it seems rediculous to leave out the aspirin on that basis. The longer the effect the better.

Well, the real reason aspirin was included in this stack is to alleviate the possible pain one might get when lifting more and heavier wights than usual since one’s energy levels would be considerably boosted because of the ECA stack. A stack of just ephedrin and caffein is just as potent, since these two compounds raises one’s metabolism by producing more heat (ephedrin) and mobilizes more fatty acids to be burnt as energy (caffein). The possible extra effect from aspirin in burning fat is negligable.


Sure,like I said-asprin only prolongs the effect-but at the cost of your gut-get it? It WILL slowly start interfering with digestion and absorbtion of ALL FOOD. The T-Mag staff recommends NOT using it-I do too.

Logan - so are you saying that even without any stomach problems, the aspirin may still be the root cause of some? (I’m not having a go at you, just curious.) And to be honest, I haven’t actually tried it without the aspirin, so I can’t really tell you accurately one way or the other… [slaps forehead] Next time I’m cutting up I’ll try it without.

Would products that contain willow bark as a natural replacement for aspirin have fewer side-effects while maintaining the positive benefits of aspirin with the ECA stack.

Chris - from what I can tell, Willow Bark is like a watered down aspirin. So you’ll probably get some effect… don’t know how much though. And I’ll bet aspirin is cheaper too… [shrug]