During Workout Shake

I usually drink a post workout shake and thats it. But I notice almost everyone advises taking half during workout and half after. I usually drink 2 litres of water during workout. What advantages are there from drinking the shake during workout? Are there any articles written about this?

[quote]MiniTank wrote:
What advantages are there from drinking the shake during workout? Are there any articles written about this?[/quote]

It’s still a realatively new area of study, but research is showing that ingesting protein+carbs during a workout, as well as aftewards, can greatly reduce muscle damage, and improve recovery rates.

Most of the studies so far have shown that athletes can continue to perform for a somewhat longer period of time when ingesting a protein+carb drink during their workouts, and a significantly longer period of time the following day. (Hinting strongly at the reduced muscle damage and improved recovery mentioned above.)

There are a few mentions of it around T-Nation here, and I also just recently came across two articles that touched on it in the recent NSCA Performance Training Journal. You can find both articles here (read down a bit to find mention of during-workout nutrition):


Both of these articles focused more on somewhat extended exercise, and were not specific to weight training, however it is expected that somewhat similar effects will occur there (to a lesser or greater degree).

How would I go about doing this? I’ve read that you’re supposed to dillute the shake in a gallon of water, which seems a bit extreme to be honest. And I think you are supposed to take the other half post-workout, then take another shake with the same total two hours later? Is this true?

JB’s solving the post workout puzzle explains it all.



It says nothing about a during workout shake or dillution. I read the article before I posted.