Dosages For Shoulder Rehab

What dosages of deca should I use while rehabilitating my shoulder? Should I follow normal dosing like the 800mg 1st week 400mg a week thereafter as posted by Bill Roberts or should I half this. My training will be for shoulders only consisting of Internal/external rotations,front and side raises and reverse flyes, adding shoulder press later on. I will be training every fourth day. I want to speed up recovery and add muscle to my shoulders without any tendon or joint problems. Should I inject into the shoulder or would this cause problems. Any advice would be appreciated.

There would be no added benefit by injecting directly in the shoulder. I assume you mean the deltoid muscle which is okay to do, not the joint itself which certainly is not.

Injection to the deltoid can be done with an insulin needle
but the deltoids are so rich in blood vessels that it’s
pretty likely that the needle will hit one. No big deal
except for the fact that the few drops of blood that will
be produced internally will cause the body to form a bruise.
People do start to wonder why you always have bruises in
certain places… I get accused of having sex with other
women as a consequence of such bruises…

You would also get considerable benefit to the joint
from 200 mg/week, but keep in mind that 200 mg/week is
highly suppressive anyway, so if you are going to suppress
your natural production anyway you might as well use
400 mg/week and get better gains. Unless, that is, the
higher dosage gives you PMS and depression (being unusually
sensitive to Deca) while the lower dosage does not.

Thanks Bill for you answer.