Do women hide it better?

Are women better at checking out guys when they aren’t looking than us men? It seems to me guys are always getting busted and women never. I’m thinking a women will let you catch her if she is interested in you, but if she is unavailable (but still finds a guy attractive) she will sneek a peek when you can’t see. Any thoughts?

HELLL YES!! I’ve never seen a girl check out a guy EVER! Someone said on the forum not too long ago that his/her psych prof said that girls only need a second or so before they get an eyeful, while guys need to leer or look 1/2 a dozen times.

Yep, that’s me Drax is talking about. When I go to see my parents for Christmas, I’m going to try to get a hold of the prof. who mentioned that in class, since he works at the JC where I went to when I was living at home.

No once we see boobies or a nice ass it’s additive like a drug so we keep on looking.

Actually, girls probably are checking us out just as much, if not more. It’s been shown that women have better peripheral vision than men, while men can see in a straight line farther; probably having something to do with the fact that men use to have to go in search of food while women stayed at the cave to watch the nest - but that’s not relevant right now.
And I think you’re wrong about girls not getting caught checking us out. Although I don’t seem to EVER see it at the gym, I always catch women looking when out in public. That’s my cue to enter in and get a phone number. But like you said, they could be doing it on purpose.

I agree with Merlin, once a girl notices you, you have to go over there and talk to her. Especially if you get eye contact where she doesn’t break away or does it a few times. It is even better if she smiles, or if you smile and she smiles back. Then you know you’re in. Just walk over and start a conversation and you’ll most likely end up with a number. I have become quite good at noticing women check me out lately. Particularly at clubs, but also at the gym or just being out anywhere. It seems that if I do get that eye contact, especially the prolonged kind is what you have to look for, it is easy to make the approach. It takes some practice but you do have to initiate the eye contact first and see if you get any back. If you don’t get it back, then either move on or make a move anyway. If you do get it back then you have your opening and you better take advantage of it right then and there otherwise it could be too late. This is just based on my experiences lately having only been single now for about 2 months after being in a 3 year relationship. Believe this technique has worked quite well; however, I am still perfecting it.