Look?? Stare??

Like all you T-man out there, I like to check out women - God’s most beautiful creation, admiring their beautiness. But one thing that always get to me is when they noticed that I was looking at them. They look disgusted and turned away. A lady friend of mine told me that its because I was staring at them. But hello, how can they accuse me for staring at them while I was admiring (looking) at them.
Anyway, look and stare, stare and look, what’s the diff?

There is a fine line between giving a girl “The Look”, and the piercing stare of a psychopath.

…If you’re caught, simply “smile”…it works…

What DOESN’T work? Getting caught looking then grabbing your crotch and doing a “Michael Jackson” hip-pump OR putting your tongue through a lot of gyrations and motions…(yea…like THAT’S sexy…)OR making that “sucking-thru-your-teeth” sound like Hannibal Lector did to Jody Foster in “Silence of the Lambs…” …or you WILL look like a psycho!

Yeah I agree, smiling works. ie:
1.> I look
2.> They See
3.> I smile
4.> They smile back
5.> We start to talk
6.> I get a phone number :wink:

Girls who wear really low-cut and/or tight shirts lose the right to complain I think.

To defex: what about #7? :wink:

To Drax: got to agree, these girls want to be looked at.

looked at? yes. stared at like a piece of meat while you drool? no

My psychology professor told me that when women check out guys, they only have to stare for a second and they already have an image that lasts thoughout the day. But with guys, it’s different. We need to constantly stare to keep that image. And the longer we stare, the more enjoyment we get out of it. Women can get the same enjoyment ogling at men, but all it takes is just a glance, and that’s it. They can enjoy the image of the guy when she’s at work, in class, studying, whatever. So I’m sure women are offended that we stare because they don’t understand the reason behind it. Men and women’s brains are hardwired differently, so their thinking processes are much different.

That is very interesting that men and women are wired differently in that manner. Do you per chance have any references where I can read up on that phenomena some more? As I was just thinking about that kind of thing myself. For example, in order for me to truly remember a girl’s face, particularly if I find her attractive, I need to have seen her many times. Say at least half a dozen times. So I’d like to read more about this.

Hehe,here’s an idea,get some dark shades and don’t turn your head when checking them out.

Ok,now I know what to do if I ever get caught.
SMILE! :slight_smile:

Well, #7 can be many different things! It all depends on where we’re at! Just kidding, I’m a straight edge guy who can control my harmonal rages. {cough} :wink:

But, yeah. Smile! :slight_smile: